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Powerful Team Development Programme in Africa

The Process

The Achievement Process gets results by showing individuals and their teams how to improve performance. It establishes the link between people and purpose.

People do things in the way they prefer. These preferences may be similar or they may not. Thus an individual or a team may become bogged down or gaps may appear as contributions get overlooked.

Six essential performance factors are explored in detail:

(1) The current reality is understood
(2) the desired outcome is clarified
(3) the route ahead is well planned
(4) motivation and commitment is sustained
(5) co-ordinated action is taken
(6) progress is evaluated and corrective action taken.

An online and entirely non-judgemental diagnostic tool identifies:

  • How people prefer to achieve goals
  • How pressure impacts on performance
  • How communication styles affect performance
  • How “gaps” can be managed to improve team performance

Individuals and their teams can now:

  • Value the contributions of team colleagues
  • Think differently about how to get the results they seek
  • Ensure that problems are understood and managed
  • Prevent personal likes and dislikes from obstructing progress
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