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Powerful Team Development Programme in Africa

Change Manager

A 3 Day Applied Programme


The programme is intended mainly for senior and middle managers. This group has the greatest impact on any change initiative. Their impact may be positive or negative. These managers therefore deserve and require special skills and insights. Their competence and ability are the critical factors in successfully implementing and sustaining needed change initiatives.

The programme consists of an initial 2-day workshop covering 9 modules (See below).

Prior to attending these two days all participating managers will have completed an online diagnostic questionnaire in which they will determine for themselves their preferred approach to managing change. Specific change projects will be identified at the end of the 2-day programme and 6 to 8 weeks thereafter managers will be required to give feedback and to report on the progress made with their chosen change projects and initiatives. The projects in question may be tackled either individually or in working groups which may in fact be real teams.


1. Managing Change Using The Achievement Process

In which the Achievement Model is introduced… what it is and how it works. The 5 main approaches or aspects (STAGES) to managing change are described and explained.

2. Managing Change From An Individual Perspective.

In which managers are connected with their own change profiles and preferences. They gain a unique insight into how they most prefer to manage change.

3. Four Common Responses To Change

In which the People Change Circle (or DREC model) is introduced to better enable managers to identify where they and their change initiative fall in relation to it.

4. Managing Change Through Self And Others

In which the insights gained from the preceding modules are brought together. Participants now discover how to manage others through the DREC model by applying the Achievement Process in tandem with their own approach to managing change.

5. The Implications Of Your Personal Approach To Managing Change.

In which participants work at making their preferred contributions even more effective by also discussing those that they would prefer not to make (and the consequences of not making them). They will also discover how to ‘manage the gaps’.

6. General Reading And General Tips

In which general information on the subject of managing change is provided. This module is provided as a reference point for more information and insights regarding this subject.

7. Applying The Managing Change Worksheet

In which participants become familiar with applying the 5 STAGES of change to real change issues. The ‘change worksheet’ is introduced and participants work in small groups on selected appropriate (tester) change-related topics.

8. Workplace Implementation Of A Change Project

In which the criteria for the ‘Change Project’ are explained. This project is to be completed over a 6 to 8 week period following the 2-day workshop.

9. Feedback On The Practical Assignment

In which participants return after their 6 to 8-week gap. They present their Change Assignment to the facilitators, assessors and colleagues.

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