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Client Feedback

“The Achievement Process is one of the most useful processes I’ve seen and used in my 18 years of experience”
Wessel van Reede van Oudtshoorn, Senior Manager, Retail People Development, Metropolitan Life
Consultant: Steve Woods

“SHA decided to implement the Achievement Process to assist it in the merger of two companies. The process was aimed at achieving uniformity with regards to strategic decisions that needed to be made at many levels of management / employee. It was to ensure that everyone making decisions with regards the merger had followed a specific thought process before implementing any decision. The process was also employed to ensure that going forward at operational and business level everyone followed the same thought process in all decision making. This included product range, employee appointments, communication both internal and external and our vision and mission going forward.

The process has ensured an extremely smooth merger of two companies with the minimum amount of trauma and maximum increased shareholder value.

The process clearly highlighted the need to establish where one is before being able to plot ones destination and most efficient route. It is a simple process which has now become an entrenched discipline to many of the management team.
The benefits include but are not limited to self-discipline in decision making, consistency of methodology and increased organizational benefit."
Basil Palmer, Stalker Hutchison Admiral (Pty) Limited
Consultant: Alan Kirschner

“Applying the AP could be worth hundreds of millions to our business”
“The benefits in one case are Unquantifiable”
“Applying the AP to additional losses will add R60m to our bottom line”
“An efficient strong driver of the process helps progress and implementation”
“The AP helps identify and unpack subtle/complex issues”
The Corporate Business Unit, Santam Group, lead by Richard Payne
Consultant: Alan Kirschner

The biggest gain to me was to understand my preferences in making decisions. The second significant gain was to understand my preferences under pressure. It has helped us with structuring our decision-making when solving problems (as a group). People are not offended, I believe when we now stop them with comments such as “you are estimating feasibility…”.
It has given us more structured problem solving and we certainly are forced / encouraged to think about the broader implications / consequences of our actions / or planned activities. Most important, we get a plan of action that everybody buys into – even if they had reservations, or a different point of view. This helps us achieve our goal within the agreed timeframe
Jay Reddy, Sales Manager, Sasol Polymers Chemicals Division
Consultant: Alan Kirschner

When reviewing their profile some individuals have now recognized why their behaviour changes under stress – there is still some work needed to mitigate the impact of the stress.

As a team the component members have changed. This is currently causing a disconnect; as the new members perhaps do not understand the nomenclature and process. It is therefore important that new members are brought up to speed and the old members apply the process consistently, systematically and with consideration for their new colleagues.

A number of members have discovered that if you trust the process – it works. However we still tend to use the process for interventions rather than as a daily tool.

As a team we probably need to have more focus on: ‘enabling’ and ‘implementation.’
Other non team members have mentioned they have seen a structured approach to issues when engaging with members of the department. Marketing personnel are developing a reputation as useful facilitators.

There is better focus on issues, with clarity of records and generally SMART action plans – there is still some degree of emotion overcoming objectivity. As always the full benefits of across the board implementation of the action plans is not always achieved. This is noted as a consequence of lack of focus in enabling and implementation. In AIDA terms we get to desire but the action is not always there.
Danny Vann, Market Sector Manager at Sasol Polymers Chemicals Division
Consultant: Alan Kirschner

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