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Competitive Strength Report

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Having a workable strategic plan is important at the best of times. But it’s vital when the going gets tough.

Tougher trading conditions make it imperative that all sizes and types of organisations review their strategic plans. This is the critical part of the business cycle when everyone in the organisation needs to understand what must be done in order to survive and thrive.

The Achievement Process can assist your top team in these endeavours. We do this through our Competitive Strength Report (CSR).

The CSR:

  1. Takes sophisticated business best practices and presents them in a straightforward way.
  2. Enables the team to identify and focus its actions on key performance areas.
  3. Encourages open discussion on areas of apparent weakness, strength and risk.
  4. Pinpoints where and why greater consensus and alignment is required.
  5. Provides a logical and effective way to develop and implement practical action plans.
  6. Is an online questionnaire that takes 40 minutes to complete.
  7. Is completed anonymously by up to 10 members of the management team.
  8. Is a researched and proven methodology backed by a consolidated technical report.
  9. Is followed by a debriefing session and an applied 1-day workshop.
  10. Is very economically priced.
If you are keen to re-examine where your team should be focusing its efforts and what it needs to be doing given the current economic environment, then the CSR is a quick, cost effective and proven place to start.

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