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Powerful Team Development Programme in Africa

The Effective Team

The Focus

This team development programme focuses on the keys to sustaining higher levels of achievement, effectively accelerating the rate at which teams get more things done … more often and right first time. It addresses three vital issues known to strongly influence team performance:


First, it is essential that there is a common understanding (among team members and those who look to it for performance) as to why the team exists. This also extends to the expectations of team members in terms of their favoured contribution to the team. The emphasis is on what the team and others expect it to achieve. Any divergence of views or misunderstandings as to expectations and desired results will adversely affect the performance of the team or the time it takes to get things done.

Second, the focus should be on the behaviours of team members within the team and with those (outside it) with whom it needs to work in close harmony. Behaviours and the different approaches people can take to getting things done can easily be confused with personality clashes. Teams can be made up of similar or very different types of people… from different sides of a divide, with different experiences and with very different expectations. Minimising these differences can lead to significantly enhanced individual and team performance. The alternative is unproductive disharmony, disappointment, frustration and a failure to achieve essential goals.

Third, the payback for developing a team should be the team’s collective ability to get things done. The Achievement Process links individual and team contributions to a straightforward, readily understood and easily applied management process or methodology.

In summary then, the Achievement Process introduces a common platform upon which team members can develop new and more productive relationships. It is a management process that offers every team member new insights upon which to develop new skills. Above all it provides a common way of getting things done together.


Initially the team is briefed (via email or face to face). The team is assured of the integrity of the process and the important role of the non judgemental pre workshop online questionnaire.


Every team member now completes this web-based questionnaire. This is designed to help them understand their contribution preferences and be better understood in relation to …

> Their preferred approaches to getting things done.
> Their preferred responses when feeling highly pressured.
> Their preferred communication style.
> Their preferences for and experiences of teamwork.

One to one feedback

These important feedback sessions describe and explain the Achievement Model, clarify individual team member profiles and highlight team issues as seen by the team member.


Standard workshops are normally recommended for two days, although one-day programmes are also available. The workshop focuses only on the team, the issues they have to address and the goals they are expected to achieve. The team gets to understand the implications of the integrated team profile. It looks at ways of optimising performance as by managing the gaps in the team profile. It agrees on ways to generate or sustain productive relationships within the team. Finally, and of significant importance, the team learns to apply the Achievement Process to selected tasks and real work related issues and concerns.

The value of this approach

> Enhanced self-awareness.
> Effective working relationships.
> Insight into how others prefer to contribute.
> Identification of team gaps that need to be better managed.
> Practical advice through detailed checklist points and development advice.
> No assessments are involved as the team profile is entirely non-judgmental.
> Profiles simply identify preferences for contributing to a process for achievement.
> The value of all contributions are recognised equally and valued equally at all times.

Timetable and timings

This development process is normally delivered as per the following timetable:

Week 1
Week 1 or 2
Week 2 or 3
Week 3 or 4
Week 3 or 4
Week 9 or 10
> Team Briefing
> Individual Profiling
> One-to-OneFeedbacks
> Workshop Design
> Workshop
> Follow-up Session

40 minutes.
45 minutes.
60 min pp.

1 or preferably 2 days.
half to 1 day.

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