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Powerful Team Development Programme in Africa

The Learning Leader

The Learning Leader is a programme about:

  • Coaching for performance improvement
  • Group learning facilitated by a manager
  • Workplace applications from the outset.
  • Different thinking, fresh insights, new skills and immediate impact


Coaching is one of the most effective ways of motivating and sustaining performance improvement. It is also relatively expensive. Too often it is only available to senior people in larger corporates.

Coaching is often associated with a need to improve, an aid to solve a problem or address a specific impediment to achieving the desired performance.

Coaching is increasingly becoming an essential management skill. The principles are often well understood. The success of the coaching intervention is reliant on the relationship between the coach and those that he or she seeks to coach. To what degree do they see ‘eye to eye’?

The Learning Leader Programme

  • Is coaching that meets individual performance improvement needs. It is conducted in groups and is focused on current organisational goals.
  • Enables one or more groups of 4 to 8 learners to gain self insight and build self awareness under the guidance of a Learning Leader.
  • Accredits line mangers to become Learning Leaders so they can undertake this important and necessary role.
  • Involves working sessions designed to support adult learning rather than training. All who participate become proactive learners.
  • Uses very specific step-by-step notes for each session. All the information needed is instantly available.
  • Contextualises and focuses the learning to permit the ready application of new insights and skills top real work issues.
  • Makes use of the excellent framework provided by the Achievement Model, Achievement Profiles and the personal development advice.
  • Encourages participants to think differently about how they get things done and how to improve or enhance working relationships.
  • Increases everyone’s capacity to achieve their goals and get more things right, first time, more often.
  • Addresses a fundamental requirement for performance improvement.

How it works in Practice

  • A senior manager comes forward from within a client organisation. This is the person who will support the learning and who has a direct interest in the performance improvement sought.
  • The manager invites line managers and/or internal consultants to become Learning Leaders.
  • The Learning Leaders are accredited to facilitate the learning process during a series of workshop sessions.
  • These sessions are conveniently spaced and spread across the practical learning process.
  • Managers at any level or stage in their careers are invited to join the learner groups.
  • Client organisations are encouraged to set up at least two learner groups, preferably four.
  • Learning Leaders have an internal learning support colleague who would also be a Learning Leader.
  • Learning Leaders are supported and review progress regularly with an Achievement Process consultant facilitator.
  • The learning process is launched by the senior manager who attends a set-up meeting. This ensures the learning is supported and that clarity is provided around performance improvement expectations.
  • All participants complete the Achievement Profiling questionnaire on line. They select their preferred coaching contributions.
  • Participants receive a 40-page learning and skills applications guide based upon their individual Achievement Profile.
  • Learning groups meet weekly if possible but at least fortnightly
  • All participants prepare for each learning session and prepare completed agreed application exercises between sessions.
  • These sessions are designed to assist and enhance the learning. They discuss workplace applications and highlight recent insights gained and skills acquired.
  • The learning process concludes with a review session attended by an Achievement Process Africa consultant - facilitator

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