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Powerful Team Development Programme in Africa


Client Feedback

Partcipant Feedback

  • I enjoyed the structured and practical approach of the process, which can be extremely powerful if used in a consistent and disciplined manner.
  • This is going to contribute very positively in helping resolve / identify / planning “issues” in the future.
  • The calm and focused approach adopted by the team in the practical part in the afternoon was good to see.
  • I got the impression that members of the team genuinely want to participate in the team and want to support one another. Powerful stuff.  
  • Steve was very good – his knowledge and experience in dealing with this aspect of team work is invaluable. His sense of humour and ability to put across a “tricky” issue in a light hearted manner is refreshing.  
  • As Steve says – Lets “Just do it”
  • The process certainly helps give structure and direction to the process of discussing and solving business and other issues.
  • I enjoyed Steve as a facilitator and his ability to keep us on track.
  • The Team composition was also interesting to see. By knowing the individual preferences, we can understand each other and our responses better. This is important in building the most important team within Rotolabel.
  • I often feel that the issues discussed yesterday are elephants that I need to eat on my own, but the interaction and contributions made by all team members gave me a feeling that there is support and commitment to address these problems that essentially affect us all.
  • We need to adopt this process as a standard for our “Issue” meetings, and keep practicing it.
  • Good tool to regulate/organize meetings
  • Steve kept it alive
  • Atmosphere much more relaxed and open
  • Signs of a maturing team starting to develop
  • Process very practical and logical – practice with the various stages will improve our understanding of each stage requirements
  • Using the colours as prompts during discussions is an excellent idea
  • Summaries of the team profile very insightful – can be used to guide us during the process applications and gives us an idea of how individuals can ad balance to an objective
  • Every team member was equal.
  • The atmosphere was very relaxed.
  • Steve Woods is a great facilitator and is very mindful of how to get team members engaged.
  • I must say I really like this model
  • Enjoyed the second half when we actually started to discuss the relevant issue where everyone is involved.
  • Steve is a great facilitator – I do enjoy him
  • Overall good and exciting
  • Productive
  • Team seems quite comfortable with each other so progress should accelerate
  • As usual all good intentions but we must not lose sight of our goals as we normally do under pressure and time flies
  • I like this kind of workshop and I am sure we will be able to follow the colours during our sessions at work
  • Great atmosphere, especially when discussing the REAL ISSUES OUR BUSINESS FACE…we should do more of this and maybe include a “mud-slinging debate match” from time to time.
  •  Everyone contributed and added value to the process
  • Good facilitator (Steve) – makes the process flow so easily
  • First time management was in such a relaxed mood – no tension or aggressiveness
  • Good facilities
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