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Your Needs

An accurate and reliable identification of your needs from the outset is imperative.

In order to best focus this analysis we make use of two questionnaires. The first takes a ‘top-down’ approach and is called ‘The Competitive Strength Report’ or CSR. The second takes a ‘bottom-up’ approach and takes the form of a more conventional Staff Survey.

The Competitive Strength Report (CSR):

  • Takes business best practices and presents them in a straightforward way
  • Enables the team to identify and focus its actions on key performance areas
  • Encourages discussion on areas of apparent weakness, strength and risk
  • Pinpoints where and why greater consensus and alignment is required
  • Provides a logical way to develop and implement practical action plans
  • Begins with an online questionnaire that takes just 40 minutes to complete
  • Must be completed anonymously by members of the top management team
  • Offers a detailed consolidated technical report for in-depth analysis
  • Requires a debriefing session with an option for an applied 1-day workshop
  • Can be viewed in more detail at

The Staff Survey:

  • Is simple and straightforward
  • Takes 20 minutes to complete
  • Is based on the Herzberg – Two – Factor theory of motivation
  • Is accurate and reliable
  • Consists of 6 separate categories
  • Contains 5 positively worded statements per category
  • Asks respondents to indicate their degree of agreement with each
  • Summarises responses in clear bar diagrams
  • Is backed by a detailed written report
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